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Chinese Smorgasbord Wiki Instructions

You have written a small research paper on an important aspect of Chinese culture. As you recall, you and at least one other person narrowed a broad topic to smaller sub-topics. Then, for your paper, you further divided the topic so that you had a clear, distinct BLUEPRINT. Then, you developed each blueprint point in a paragraph, using at least one direct quote from a reputable source.

Now, you are going to use that information as a basis for a Wiki page.
HOWEVER, this project is different in several respects from the original theme. As such, it is an exercise in understanding AUDIENCE.

Here are the differences:

Theme/Research Paper
Wiki Page

High school students/adults
Fifth graders

Complete sentences, no contractions or slang
Informative but relaxed - appeal to a younger, but intelligent audience. Use contractions informal language, and/or second person point of view.
Hard Copy—all paper conventions. The written word is the only means of communicating information.
Layout, color, font and PICTURES contribute to your message and appeal to your audience.
In-text citations, Works Cited Page, MLA Style
Works Cited, MUST INCLUDE PHOTO CREDITS. Your Works Cited will be combined and alphabetized.

Individual - Each person does a separate paper.
Collaborative: You will make one Wiki Page for each Large Topic and subdivide it to include research.

Enjoy this Exercise!!
Each page, not each individual, will receive a grade, SO MAKE SURE THAT YOU CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR PAGE. GIVE 100% EFFORT! Do not drag down the project, cause stress to your group member(s), or be immature. You are an Honors student. NO GROUP MEMBER SHOULD FEEL THAT HE/SHE HAS TO TAKE OVER AND DO THE WHOLE PROJECT—If you feel that your group is letting you down, talk to me.

Wiki Page Rubric:

Broad Topic: __

Contributor (s) Subtopic:

Text is written to appeal to fifth graders
/15 pts.
Color, Font, Title, and Layout contribute to the message and effect. Include "by line" for each contributor.
/15 pts.
At least one picture for each BLUEPRINT POINT. CAPTIONS ON EACH PICTURE.
/20 pts.
In-text Citations; Works Cited, including picture credits, are combined as a group.
/10 pts.

/60 pts.