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Martial Arts In China
Sports are universal to all cultures. Have you ever taken any karate classes? Martial Arts are very similar to karate. It is popular in the United States; however, the sport first started in China. Martial arts are practices and traditions for training fights with other people. The objective of Martial Arts is to physically defeat another person and to defend them self from hard fighting.
Martial Arts can be done at any age, so any child is able to participate in it
Martial Arts can be done at any age, so any child is able to participate in it

Martial Arts is a very important sport in China, you can see this through its history, its different styles and the training that has to be done.
Martial Arts in China became important as early as 5000B.C. Chinese Martial Arts concludes many ideas into its practices. Weapons were also used in Chinese poetry and film. Martial Arts was a large part of Chinna for achieving a healthy lifestyle including exercise. “Chinese cultures have prided themselves on the ability to hand down this history to all generations as a source of pride” (

there are plenty of different moves and stunts done when doing martial arts
there are plenty of different moves and stunts done when doing martial arts
this is one example of a "high kick"
this is one example of a "high kick"

China has a lot of different styles of Martial Arts. Some copy animals and myths, while others are focused on legends. Chinese arts can be split into a lot of categories such as northern and southern styles. Northern style is a fast and powerful kick, high jump and fluid movements. Southern styles include hand techniques and strong arm, stable immovable stances and fast footwork (Wikipedia). Religion is also an area where Martial Arts can be known.

Training is another area where Martial Arts in China is very important. Chinese training consists of basic forms, applications and weapons. One must have strong, flexible muscles before engaging in Martial Arts. Another form of training is, “Taiji Quan” based on the Ying Yang principle. This flowing method of up and down movements is practiced more for health than fighting.
Chinese Martial Arts can be an exciting and energizing form of athletics and self-defense. The ancient history behind Martial Arts and the many styles and forms of training has been and will continue to be important in the Chinese culture of its people. The United States has also built upon this famous tradition by using Martial Arts in the physical activities of all ages.

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In China martial arts are used in many ways and there are many different forms of it. Martial arts started in ancient East Asia. Martial Arts have formed over centuries and it has many different forms in different countries. Martial Arts have been around for many, many centuries. Among the many styles of martial arts are the Chinese forms include Kung Fu, Karate, and Tai Chi.

Kung Fu is a martial art but it’s also an exercise. It’s an exercise with a spiritual amount stemming from care, self-discipline and a mainly defenseless style of personal fighting. Kung Fu can be traced way back to the Zhou dynasty and even earlier. Kung Fu stances and actions are based on observations of human skeletal and muscular structure and makeup, and it demands much muscular agility. The various movements in kung fu, most of which are imitations of the fighting styles of animals. The stances are initiated from one of five basic foot positions. The stances are normal upright and the four stances called dragon, frog, horse riding, and snake. “There are hundreds of styles of kung fu, and armed as well as unarmed techniques have been developed”. The next unarmed form of fighting is like kung fu.

A child doing one of the stances of Kung Fu.

Karate like kung fu it is also a formed form of unarmed fighting. Karate consists of disciplining kicking, striking, and defensive blocking with the arms and legs. The importance is focusing on using much of the body’s power at the point of impact. To toughen a person doing karate the have to practice striking padded wood. So they can be able to strike surfaces with their hands, ball of their feet, heel, forearm, knee, and elbow. “Karate has changed In East Asia over a period of centuries”. Finally there are martial arts used for relaxation.

A little chinese kid doing karate

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient and unique form of Chinese attack and defense. It is a very popular throughout the world. As an exercise it help one become relaxed in mind and body. “Tai Chi Chuan is the source and union of the two primary aspects of the stars”. It uses rhythmic movements with the approved movements of the five creatures. The five creatures are; the bear, bird, deer, monkey, and tiger. Then the snake was later.
In China these forms of fighting or dangerous and then some are relaxing to the mind and body. In China martial arts have been around for centuries. There are many different forms and they are used in many different ways.


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